Simple thought

Simple thought

Putting your thoughts on paper is probably one of the hardest things. In your head, it’s all so clear and you know exactly what is you want to say/what you want to express, but somehow that what we think with our minds, doesn’t always come out the right way or we don’t know how to.

Because actually saying something that went through your mind over and over, has to come out as natural as possible, yet not forced or with the impression we have been putting too much effort/thoughts on it…

Most of us as are too afraid to speak their minds, even if what they want to say/express are the kindest words, fear limits at times. Not knowing what the response of the other will be and how they are going to take it, is scary. I’m not going to lie. But that shouldn’t stop you from saying what you are feeling. Because that what you want to express so badly, is sometimes just what the other needs to hear and if fear limits you and you say nothing… Then what?

Than thoughts stay thoughts and it all will stay in your mind and in your head for as long as it goes on.

Thoughts have power and it’s best to do something positive with it, especially if your thoughts include other people, such as friends/family or your significant other.

And keep in mind, the people closest to you are the ones who have seen all parts of you and choose to stay afterall. They genuinely care and they deserve the same treatment in return as the treatment they give you!

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