Perfect summerlook

Perfect summerlook

So, finally here in the Netherlands the weather is starting to be really nice. Nice sunny days I get to spend with the persons I love. No suprise the summer season is my favorite time of the year, like so many others!


What I love most is being able to walk on the street with perfectly styled outfits. A little dress, or a classy skirt with a lovely top above and oh, very important, nice shoes that complete the perfect look.

summer outfits

And some pretty chosen jewelry, such as earrings and an elegant necklace. And the key of make-up is to wear it as natural as possible. The sun does magic on your skin, no layers of foundation needed anymore. For the perfect summer look, go for a foundation that works for your face, some eye pencil or eyeliner (whatever works for you) above your eyes and a mascara that creates that makes sure your eyes are the most pretty.

jewelrynatural make up look

Go for a look that works for you, where you feel comfortable in and what you can have. Go for clothes that fit your body!

xo Sophia

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