The excitement

The excitement

So many events are moments we genuinely are looking forward to with a smile. These are moments that are special and therefore have a very special meaning. They don’t just occur on a daily basis. It are moments you have worked hard for and the things that you never gave upon always give a certain strength on a personal basis.

What was a very special moment in my life was having my own blog. I have always enjoyed writing a lot. It gives me a certain peace within. Many people out there think that writing is easy, but it’s not. To reflect things and making yourself clear on a piece of paperĀ is one of the hardest things. I have this blog now for about three months and I’m planning to keep writing on it in the future.

First off, in September this year 2015 I’m going to follow a course of entrepreneurship at my school. I’m going to this aside of my internship, every monday evening from 16.30 – 20.00. The course will take 40 weeks. Since I want to set up my own fashion company and later on my own clothing line, I think this course is going to be very useful. After having ended the course, you also get a degree, so a plus on my Curriculum Vitae.

Then I got my upcoming graduation next year from my International business studies. That’s something I’m very excited for. Although I enjoy this study a lot, I can’t wait to see what’s next. I have so much ambitions and things I want to accomplish. To be ambitious is a beautiful thing. The fact you want more for yourself and working for it makes your world more bright. At least it does to me.

Other important exciting moments can be a new job, a position you have wanted already for so long. Or maybe it its being financially independent.

xoxo Sophia


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