‘Miss Representation’

‘Miss Representation’

I just finished watching a very impressive documentary film: ‘Miss Representation’. This is a very powerful documentary in which you can see how women in America are being sketched by the media. They give away lots of facts about women versus men in school, politics and other topics.

What was shocking to me, partial I already knew, is that woman aren’t easy to be taken serious. They are often first seen as a sex object, instead of an actual human being. That’s why you see halfnaked woman most of the times wandering around in videoclips, and even in the news you will find these days woman telling the news in provacative clothes, which is misleading. This has as result that all the focus and attention is towards the appearance of the woman, instead of the actual important news. But that’s how the media reflects woman.

That’s why often they are being measuresd to the beauty ideal. It has even come to the point that women have to look a certain way. Not too skinny, not too fat, not too smart, not too dumb either.

And if men find out woman can be more than just ‘beautiful’ and that they actually have capactity of the brain, some tend to feel intimidated. Women should get an opportunity. They shouldn’t have to prove themselves all the time.

But there are also so many women out there that have so much more than a pretty face and a nice body. They are women who want to be heard. They want their voice to matter.

I’m not trying to go all feminism here, but watching this documentary I realized that we are all still women living in a men world. And I’m wondering when this ‘ideal’ is going to change.

What we all should take into account is also that the image of the media of women has a certain effect on men. And some men will therefore see women only as sex objects or subordinate. But this is because they are often taught that they can’t show emotion. They have to be a ‘man’. I on the other hand think it is beautiful when men are able to show emotion, but that is my personal opinion.

It would beĀ an even more beautiful place to live, earth if only we would stop critizing on someone’s appaearance and start looking at their content. What they are about, their visions and their stories. All of our stories are worth to be heard.

I mean, we are all equal. At least that’s what we are told. But are men and women really equal? I believe we are not equal and it is going to take a long time until men and women will be truly equal. Starting with professions where men and women earn the same.

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