Movie: ‘Hooligans’

Movie: ‘Hooligans’

‘Hooligans’ tells the story of Matt Buckner, who gets wrongfully expelled from Harvard because of a drug scandal he was set up for. His roommate Jeremy van Holden, who has an addiction on cocaine, was smart enough to put all his drugs on the part of Buckner, so when the board went for a check-up of the rooms, Buckner was expelled and not van Holden.

After being expelled, Matt Buckner goes to London, to live with his sister and her husband. In London is where he gets acquainted with football hooligans thanks to the brother of the husband, Pete Dunham who is part of the GSH of London. Others see them as a gang, but they prefer to be called: Green street hooligans.


The part of Matt Buckner is being played by Elijah Wood. Pete Dunham is being played by Charlie Hunnam, you may also know of his role of Jax in the show: ‘Sons of Anarchy’.

Personal opinion:

I thought it was a very good movie. There is a lot of violence though, so I can imagine most girls won’t like the movie. If you are a guy and a football fan, this is definitely a movie for you! Also the music was perfectly chosen and fitted each scene perfectly.

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