Documentary; Chasing beauty

Documentary; Chasing beauty

As a few of you might know by now, a modeling agency in the Netherlands approached me monday afternoon. By now, I’ve sent them an application form and five pictures. Now it’s a six weeks wait until I get a response with further information.

In preparation of what’s still to come, I felt like watching a documentary that would give me some more insight on the job, and everything that comes with it. I chose for ‘Chasing beauty’.

Chasing beauty is a great documentary where several models, scouts and photographers tell something about the modeling world. It surprised me that this one girl when she went to a casting was told by a photographer that she had to first put on her socks and then their shoes. She also expressed, in the modeling world it is very common to be treated as if you were dumb, no brain what so ever.

I think this is a bit weird. I, myself have the highest form of respect for models all around the world. Especially for the ones that manage to stay their selfes, not losing them selfes in partying, drinking, drugs and eating disorders.

After having seen this documentary I’m feeling even more excited to pursue a career in modeling. It’s a job, a hard one where you will be critized from any corner, where a lot of rejections are involved and loads of practice, but I would like to seaze this opportunity so I will. As I always say, once in a life time things and this is one of them.

chasing beautychasingg beauty

xo, Sophia

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