Movienight: ‘Last night’

Movienight: ‘Last night’

So, after a very busy day of work I decided to have a nice, quit evening for myself! I watched a really nice movie, ‘Last night’.

It’s a movie from 2010, directed by Massy Tadjedin, who is also the writer of the story. Stars in the movie are the beautiful Keira Knightley, who plays the part of Joanna, Sam Worthington who plays the part of Michael, Eva Mendes who plays the part of Laura and Guillaume Canet who plays the part of Alex.

The story is about Joanna and Michael who are happily married. Joanna is a freelance writer, who mainly writes about fashion and has succesfully published a book. Michael is in commerical real estate. When Michael leaves the night for work, they are apart. Michael has to go on a business trip with a colleague he fins very attractive. Her name is Laura. He tries to resist temptation with her, aswell as Joanna when she comes across her past love Alex.

Personal opinion:

I liked the movie a lot, I would probably grade it with an 8. Due to the very good acting work of all actors involved. The music was very well chosen and fitted every scene perfectly. The ending was a little bit disappointing though, it leaves the story open. I mean with this that is not clear what is about to happen within the further marriage of Joanna and Michael.

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