Nelly live 05-04-2015

Nelly live 05-04-2015

So, finally here my post about the concert I went to on the fifth of april 2015, last sunday! I went with my dear friend Sanne and her friends Celine and Sharinga from school. Also the girlfriend of Sanne’s brother Vyvyenne went with us! What a lovely girls, all of them! <3 It was my first concert in my life. The concert was great, so much fun! We arrived a bit for 22 pm, Dutch time 22:00 at the Patronaat in Haarlem where the concert was about to take place. The lounge was big, it was crowded with people everywhere, but you had enough space to dance, which was great! Drinks weren't so expensive if you were drinking wine like I did for the entire evening. If you would have something else, something stronger, it was a bit expensive. Nelly showed up on stage around 22.30 pm, Dutch time 22:30. He stayed for one hour and a half, which was a bit short since on the ticket it said he would be there from 22 pm till 01 am, Dutch time 22:00 till 01:00. Anyway, the moment he came on stage, all the girls were screaming extremely hard, my friends and me including. He was great live! Below an overview of the night: !!!





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