Cambridge travel experience

Cambridge travel experience

So, first off my apologies for my absence the last week! I returned saturday evening from Cambridge, United Kingdom.

This was a language journey with school. I was the only one from my department, so beforehand I didn’t know anyone. Nevertheless I wanted to go so badly to England. I had never been there before and I wanted to see what it’s like. My mother has lived in London for two years when she was younger. This made me curious. And I love traveling.

I loved every single thing of Cambridge. The first two days I had to get used to the fact that in England people drive on the left side of the street and that they drive in the car on the right side. Most of the people had this British accent, which I just love eventhough I couldn’t understand everything. Due to the fact that they use ‘slang’.

driving england

This was for me the biggest culture difference. From monday to thursday we went to school, EC Cambridge. There we had two teachers. The older one is named John Walker, the other one I forgot. John Walker is this elderly man, extremely funny and he can give excellent explanations. Although my English was very well to begin with, I managed to learn a lot of new things. This was very interesting. We were scheduled at school every day from 09:00 till 13.00 In between lessons we went to get something to eat and something to drink. At school the entire group from school came together and we got to know one another better. At the end of the week most of us were very close.

ec cambridge

After school we had time to do whatever we felt like. Think of having lunch and dining in the city. Off course, most girls went massive shopping. Myself, I bought this very pretty pink crop top from the River Island. You can wear it for a fancy dinner or out clubbing. The back is visible. I also bought a blouse at the Primark, colour Kaki Green and a sweater also at the Primark. The Primark items I bought because I had it cold.

After dinnertime I went all nights out to this pub called: ‘The Regal’. I have no idea what it means, but it was very nice. Very English/British going out. Simply loved it. One thing stood out immediately; all the women were over the top dressed. They would have a long classy skirt for example, but a shirt that showed a lot of cleavage and if they would go the left one inch or to the right, their rack would be visible to anyone.

the regal uk cambridge

I don’t mind showing some skin when I’m going out, but the key is to keep it classy. Sometimes less is more, sometimes the other way around.

I’m definitely going back to the UK. Hopefully this summer or before that. We’ll see where I end up after my graduation next year…

All my love, XO Sophia

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