I am who I am, no excuses. I’m done striving for perfection. I spend years of my life trying to be ‘perfect’ until I found out that there’s no such thing as perfection, not in objects and not in persons. I am no different. For the right person you will be so much more than enough. They’ll call you beautiful in stead of pretty, wise in stead of smart. You get where I’m going at.


And to know that there doesn’t exist perfection, that’s quite a relievement, it is for me. Because now I can finally enjoy my own person. I don’t look anymore at all the wrongs, even though there are probably more than one imperfection with regards to persons.

small minds

My point being, like Marilyn Monroe says, imperfection is beauty and it is. As for me, I know I’m bad at letting things go, at times even jealous, but I have it under control. Some might have noticed I can’t stop talking whenever I’m nervous. Others might see me as intimidating. Because I know myself well now, I’m confident about myself as a person and my body. Not everyone can deal with that, but I don’t really care either to be honest. I mean, it’s a good feeling if people think the world of you. People can think the world of you, but if you can’t think the world of yourself, what’s the point?


To say I think the world of myself is a bit too much, but I think you’d understand where I’m coming from. As for my closest friends, there isn’ a thing I wouldn’t do in my power to see them happy. Some of my girlfriends are so lucky to have already found the love of their life. I envy them, but in a positive way.

I’m good on my own, as I am proud to be me. At times sure I miss telling my stuff, even the unimportant stories to that special person. Or just the simple kiss on the forehead, or a long long hug, or just lying in bed doing nothing, or watching that one movie with him, even know you know it by hard. I know, I’m a sucker for romance. Maybe that day already has came, this great guy will walk into my life. Leaving me breatheless, speechless…


All my love,

XO Sophia

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