Those defining moments

The moment in which everything changes? Have you ever had one of these? Maybe you have, and you might not even know it. A moment in which everything, but really everything changes. That moment in which your heart breaks in 1000 pieces. It may be a friend in need, a break-up, your parents divorce, or something else. Can you remember that moment in which you found out nothing would ever be the same again? But just because something will never be the same again, doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. An end, just means there will follow a new beginning. Something better. You, getting to know yourself and your worth. You, finding out screwing up is part of life. Everyone of us does it. Let go of fear and all your insecurities, for they bring you nothing or no where. And once you do, let yourself feel happy, because you deserve to, no matter how bad of a person you once were, or the mistakes you have made, or the lies you have believed from the ones you loved.

defining momenets

defining moment

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Sophia Streefkerk

Hi, I'm 22 years old and a secondyears-student of the education International Business Studies. Main interests in business, life and fashion, but also travel en design.

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