I think I can speak for everyone, when I say we are all familiar with having really bad days. How the reasons for our really bad days may differ a lot from person to person, I strongly believe, it takes very tiny things to take place thatĀ are able to make your really bad day less awful in a way and more enjoyable. At least I know, most of the times luckily, these things take place in my own personal life.

I am talking here about that one sing you listen to where the lyrics in the song being spoken, you are able to really understand them for the very first time. This song is no longer the song you just listen to whenever, because now that you finally understand the lyrics, the song means something else for you. It’s more than just a song. If you have a song like this, I see you as lucky. Lucky, because you are able or have been able to find a song you can relate to.

The things you do, even the everyday stuff, they can be so much moreĀ than something that just needs to be done. I think if you put enough thought and time in it, it can actually make you a better person. I like the thought of that. I like the thought of being able to make your day easier or less bad with really small stuff. Even if they don’t necessarily make your situation better, they are so highly important to do.

Maybe some of you are able to truly understand the point I am trying to make, maybe some you won’t / don’t. That’s also okay, I just know of myself that I can get carried away (easily) and I am likely to lose some parts of myself. along the way. Growing up, there were parts of me I would hid as far away as possible. I struggled with my insecurities of not being enough as a person. Not smart enough, not pretty enough, not enough in every form of my being. I was searching for things out there I knew I would never find, but that search was life changing, because I found out that as long as I would try what mattered to me, it would be enough. That it was okay to make bad choices and screw up, that if it was my decision that it would be my mistake to make, and that only by making mistakes I would let myself grow as a person and experience whatever the hell it was I had to experience.

I am far from perfect and I finally like it like that. I like the version of me that I am becoming. I’d like to think that my past is just my past, that it doesn’t define me. No, I won’t let it define me, but I did for a long time and for that I wish I hadn’t done that..

I like people who are able to appreciate small things like a good talk with a friend, people who can understand, but truly understand the lyrics of such a meaningful song/movie/book. I like people who know that life can be one hell of a ride at times, but that this ride is tremendously beautiful and insane at the same time. I like people who try and understand the morality of everyday life, not take it that seriously, but also not that lightly..

xo Soph’

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