Refuse to quit

Refuse to quit

It’s funny how you can keep yourself occupied with a really nice job and / or studies, and somehow when that occupation has ended for the day, you experience an immense feeling of sadness fall over you. Isn’t that weird or is it just me? I guess that for me it has everything to do with performing the best way I can, and to actually like what I am doing, means the world to me. Maybe I get too caught up in my daily activities and maybe I put too much meaning into it, but to me, to be quite honest, it makes the greatest sense. It makes the greatest sense, because to love what you and do what you love is all you could ask for, if you ask me..

Maybe life is not about trying to fix every broken piece inside your body, maybe it’s just about finding your way back to joy, finding your way back to the things that used to bring a sparkle to your personality and into your life. Maybe, just like me, you have just had a hard period behind you and somehow you feel guilty for starting to be able to enjoy the smallest things again. When you go through hardships it’s up to you to break out, to break free. Not by just one day not feeling anything or the opposite, by feeling too much. Just by noticing these really small changes within you and within your twentyfour during day. It’s by deciding on a bad day to get up, eat something and take a shower. By doing things, you know you need to do, even if you don’t want to do them. By doing them, you are allowing yourself for a miracle to take place. I call this a miracle, because miracles are just around the corner, you just have to be walking those stairs, you have to try and get there, even if you don’t know what will be laying in the corner or where you are standing. You have to accept your progress, but also your setbacks. Both are tremendously important.

What if one day we really get to experience all pieces falling together? For our lives to make full sense? What would that be / look like? What if all the people we surround our selves with, would go through the same hardships as us? Would that mean they would fit better with us? Or would that mean, they wouldn’t get along with us at all? It are all these questions… and so many more… that makes me wonder if it’s possible to ever truly be insanely happy. I prefer the idea of doing everything in your power to heal in as much parts as possible. I am genuinely starting to like the idea of loving parts of yourself and others that aren’t as beautiful at all, but they are still part of someone. Without it, all the fun parts of someone’s being, just would be less meaningfull…

Go kick life’s ass’





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