We hear, but do we listen?

We hear, but do we listen?

Whether it’s with someone who you’ve just met, or someone who you’ve known for a longer period of time, it always starts with a conversation, about whatever comes up at that time. We want to make a certain impression on people, sometimes conciously, sometimes unconciously, but it’s more than nice when the impression you leave behind is a good one.

The more we talk, the more we convy in others. Some people are more open than others. Especially if you have trust issues of your own, somehow you might find yourself giving away more of yourself faster emotionally than you’d perhaps like. Not saying that’s necesarrily a bad thing. It’s funny how sometimes the things we want, we deny our selves, and therefore other things come in place.

I find it funny how society is always asking so much from us, and somehow we are always struggling to deny feelings of anxiety and insecurities. We are almost always sketching a better picture than the picture really is. That makes me wonder when you have a conversation, no matter who the person is, does the content of a conversation really matter? I mean, we hear, but do we really listen? Are we willing to put a certain amount of effort and time to find out what is really going on? Often we are such in a rush and because of it, often busy with the next big thing on our to do lists. Seriously, I make these to do lists every day. I don’t know for quite how long now, I only know that since I make them, it gives me more clarity and insights of my daily stuff and activities.

It’s almost natural to just go with whatever is being said to us, but is it really like that? Or, do we want others to believe it’s like that? When in fact we don’t feel like that…

Maybe I’m just an overthinker, and maybe other persons are not, that I can respect, but I do feel strongly we need to make more time for other persons than our selves and all of our priorities. The world sure doesn’t revolve around others and it sure doesn’t revolve around our selves, but we should all be looking for some kind of balance, to be better versions of our selves, so that by being better versions of our selves, we automatically become more interested in the life of others.

I hope I am making some kind of sense right now, or perhaps I am tripping on my lack of sleep…

Catch y’all later !


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