All eyez on me

All eyez on me

Yesterday in the evening, I went to see the movie of the life of Tupac: All eyez on me, along with my sister, her partner and our brother.

I was looking forward very much, for quite some time already, to see this movie in the cinema. Yesterday it was finally showtime, and it was an absolutely lovely day.

You must come to understand first, that my listening to music growing up was with rap music, namely Tupac. I appreciated his music right away when I first came in contact with it, because it’s real talk, about real people, with real struggles, in a society where basically they are being pushed away, with being disrepected on a daily basis.

I was mainly interested in this movie because of Tupac of course. While I was already familiar with what he was about in his songs. I, however, wasn’t familiar with his background.

This movie showed me so many things. Not just his existence, but moreover how he felt, throughout of all his hardships, and also unfair situations he got him self in, but where he wasn’t to be held responsible for.

I felt the actor who plays Tupac Shakur, Demetius Shipp Junior, has conducted his character very well. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been as a black man to grow up and try and make a living in a neighborhood where black people are being looked at as dirt. Throughout the movie, and through certain experiences his behavior changes, and that change is admirable, at least I admire it. His words, the way he spoke, it just adds up. It makes sense. The real Tupac, also was always busy with coming up for other black people, and so did actor Tupac in this movie.

Every word that was spoken in this movie about the life of Tupac Shakur, his successes and his hardships, every word was heard, every word was felt. And there aren’t a lot of actors who are able in my opinion to take over the life of someone else in a movie and represent that person to it’s fullest potential. He succeded! And for that I am more than glad, because Tupac Shakur deserves that much.. I grade this succesfull movie of the life of Tupac Shakur with a more than deserved 9!!!

I hope you liked this short movie review!

Lots of love,

xo Sophia

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