That damn mark – label

That damn mark – label

Experiences shape us. In everybody’s life, situations occur that don’t work out, persons turn out to be different, then how they made them selves look. There are a lot of thing we can have control over succesfully, but sometimes, we are forced to face hardships that are impossible for us to have control over. I don’t know if I can speak, for anyone other than myself, but I sure love to have as much as control in my life as possible.

I feel like when you are able to have a good sense of control over/in your life, you have all the power. I am talking about the type of power that somehow throughout all the madness, you somehow were able to take control back. We are always trying so hard to have the best out of the best, when by doing that sometimes you actually manage to create a worse situation, than the one you were in, in the first place.

It’s human to feel good, when something seems to be working out, when persons keep up their kindness and they suprise with you with yet again another really life changing act . But when even the tiniest thing changes, and it somehow isn’t as good as it once was, we fall tremendously, we get lost, our hope fades, believe in humanity decreases. And this is exactly what I want to point out, often it is one extreme against another. Happiness versus sadness, anger versus fears. Not an emotion in between, and I find it seriously ironice, that our world has to make an absolute sense in all of it’s forms. We expect so much from our selves, we want to be the best version of our selves, but therefore we also expect more than a lot of the people around us, and sometimes that’s a good thing, but sometimes it’s not. Sometimes we give a great deal of our own personal away to other people, and with this giving away, we secretly expect others to fix us, but sometimes it’s not up to them to do that much.

I wrote a piece a long time ago about how you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but judging is inevitable. It’s something we don’t like at all, something we wish for it would fade away, but it’s natural in a lot of aspects. We often though treat others really bad, before they even get the chance to speak with us, and I think when we act like this, that it is because we want to meet people in our lives, that will show us something differently than what we have known, than what we are used to. We want others to try and best to knock our walls down, but nobody is perfect. Even if there is this other human being that manages unbuild our walls, even then, it still doesn’t mean you can know how to move forward from this point on..

xo Soph’

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