Favorite free slot machine

Favorite free slot machine

Obviously this post will be about my favorite free slot machine, which you can play from anywhere you’d like: Your home, your office, while you are on the road… The only thing you need is a computer and a connection with internet!

Twin Spin

Twin Spin is a slot machine which combines old and new slot machine styles in a fun way. You could say it results in an instant classic!

What’s so much fun about this game in particular, are the classic symbols, such as bubbles, sevens, bars and cherries. Also, the appearance and atmosphere involved in the game it self, are worth an effort to play.

In this game you will not be annoyed with minimalistic noises or long introductions.

What you will get to experience is an amazing gamble experience where you will feel so much adrenalin going through your entire body, even including all of your bones.

The game is very exciting because of it’s game progression.

The supplier of this particular game is Netent. There are 243 winning lines, which you can see as 243 possibilities to win, so it’s pretty safe to say it’s worth the shot!

Where the game Twin Spin seperates it self from other gamble games, is that it has an unique Twin Reel Feature. During every spin, there are randomly two, three, four or even five identical roles that get spinned in a random order. This makes the game very unpredictable.

If I had to describe one unique selling point, it would be the unpredictableness of the game. You never know what the next spin is going to be. You will find yourself challenged all the time!

The highest symbol in this game is the diamond. The diamond is the highest paying symbol.

The game is free, but every single player… has the possibility to win great and fun prices of money. This will only increase the motivation of each player to win a game, or even better, to win all games of Twin Spin being played.

Since a lot of people still love the games they played growing up, it is absolutely great when there comes along a creative person and succeeds in creating an entirely new game, but with similar features from way back. A game that has the power to have features involved from their childhood. A game that is involved with new techniques. This game has both and that’s what makes it so much fun to play.

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