Turnpoint of 2017

2017 Is finally turning into the better and I couldn’t be more glad.Ā Yesterday morning I had my job interview at a woman’s clothing store: Supertrash in Den Bosch, and 15 minutes after I left the store, I received a phone call with the news… I got hired! Tomorrow will be my very first day and I am so excited about this new start. I am curious to find out about what I will learn there about the brand, sales and features.

Since I am not going away on holidays I can work around the 25 hours a week. Not only does this mean a good working experience, but also the ability to learn way more than if I would just work a day a week. This will be my new challenge and I am so hyped!

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Sophia Streefkerk

Hi, I'm 22 years old and a secondyears-student of the education International Business Studies. Main interests in business, life and fashion, but also travel en design.

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