All eyez on me

Yesterday in the evening, I went to see the movie of the life of Tupac: All eyez on me, along with my sister, her partner and our brother.

I was looking forward very much, for quite some time already, to see this movie in the cinema. Yesterday it was finally showtime, and it was an absolutely lovely day.

You must come to understand first, that my listening to music growing up was with rap music, namely Tupac. I appreciated his music right away when I first came in contact with it, because it’s real talk, about real people, with real struggles, in a society where basically they are being pushed away, with being disrepected on a daily basis.

I was mainly interested in this movie because of Tupac of course. While I was already familiar with what he was about in his songs. I, however, wasn’t familiar with his background.

This movie showed me so many things. Not just his existence, but moreover how he felt, throughout of all his hardships, and also unfair situations he got him self in, but where he wasn’t to be held responsible for.

I felt the actor who plays Tupac Shakur, Demetius Shipp Junior, has conducted his character very well. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been as a black man to grow up and try and make a living in a neighborhood where black people are being looked at as dirt. Throughout the movie, and through certain experiences his behavior changes, and that change is admirable, at least I admire it. His words, the way he spoke, it just adds up. It makes sense. The real Tupac, also was always busy with coming up for other black people, and so did actor Tupac in this movie.

Every word that was spoken in this movie about the life of Tupac Shakur, his successes and his hardships, every word was heard, every word was felt. And there aren’t a lot of actors who are able in my opinion to take over the life of someone else in a movie and represent that person to it’s fullest potential. He succeded! And for that I am more than glad, because Tupac Shakur deserves that much.. I grade this succesfull movie of the life of Tupac Shakur with a more than deserved 9!!!

I hope you liked this short movie review!

Lots of love,

xo Sophia

‘The director, an evolution in three acts’

This is a very impressive documentary I just finished watching about Frida Giannini, the creative director of the brand Gucci. The movie gives a look inside the life and work of the Gucci fashion designer.

Firstly, something I really admire her for is that she is so dedicated to her work, it is more of a passion to her to work with fashion, so many different people, models and employees. What sets her apart from other designers in the fashion industry is that she is very open to new ideas which in first place she thinks aren’t good enough. She doesn’t love the publicity.

Secondly, throughout the documentary you find out that when she was growing up, she and her family didn’t have a lot of money. This to me is very relatable and just another eye-opener of how much you can create your own luck and chances in life, if only you stay with yourself and you are willing to work hard for your dreams to turn into reality.

Thirdly, the clothing of Gucci, not only in this documentary, but in general is absolutely marvelous. In my opinion it is very authentic and their brand isn’t like any other brand, which I consider to be a very good thing.

Gucci stands for confidence and for power. I hope to have succesfully launched my very own clothing line within a few years into the fashion industry. I already have a lot of ideas of the clothing I want to create, I won’t spoil anything yet, so stay up to date for more interesting and trending updates in my life…


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‘Miss Representation’

I just finished watching a very impressive documentary film: ‘Miss Representation’. This is a very powerful documentary in which you can see how women in America are being sketched by the media. They give away lots of facts about women versus men in school, politics and other topics.

What was shocking to me, partial I already knew, is that woman aren’t easy to be taken serious. They are often first seen as a sex object, instead of an actual human being. That’s why you see halfnaked woman most of the times wandering around in videoclips, and even in the news you will find these days woman telling the news in provacative clothes, which is misleading. This has as result that all the focus and attention is towards the appearance of the woman, instead of the actual important news. But that’s how the media reflects woman.

That’s why often they are being measuresd to the beauty ideal. It has even come to the point that women have to look a certain way. Not too skinny, not too fat, not too smart, not too dumb either.

And if men find out woman can be more than just ‘beautiful’ and that they actually have capactity of the brain, some tend to feel intimidated. Women should get an opportunity. They shouldn’t have to prove themselves all the time.

But there are also so many women out there that have so much more than a pretty face and a nice body. They are women who want to be heard. They want their voice to matter.

I’m not trying to go all feminism here, but watching this documentary I realized that we are all still women living in a men world. And I’m wondering when this ‘ideal’ is going to change.

What we all should take into account is also that the image of the media of women has a certain effect on men. And some men will therefore see women only as sex objects or subordinate. But this is because they are often taught that they can’t show emotion. They have to be a ‘man’. I on the other hand think it is beautiful when men are able to show emotion, but that is my personal opinion.

It would be an even more beautiful place to live, earth if only we would stop critizing on someone’s appaearance and start looking at their content. What they are about, their visions and their stories. All of our stories are worth to be heard.

I mean, we are all equal. At least that’s what we are told. But are men and women really equal? I believe we are not equal and it is going to take a long time until men and women will be truly equal. Starting with professions where men and women earn the same.

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How Sex and the City changed my life

Sex and the city is a sitcom about four girlfriends: Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York, Miranda Hobbes and Samantha Jones who live in the fabulous Manhattan of New York. Even though they all have very different personalities, they have found in each other the best of friends. They literally share everything, no shame whatsoever. Everything is open to be discussed.

It’s sounds cliché, but this show has changed my life enormously. I can hear some of you thinking, ‘how could this show in particular have made a difference in your life’? No matter how you put it, sex is everywhere. But there’s so much more to it than just sex.

Throughout the various storylines, you feel empathy for them. What they go through in their (love) lives is very relatable. If you put aside all the drama, bad relationships and stupidity they are all woman who are looking for love.

This show has changed the way I look at myself, woman and men, fashion and life itself. I’ve come to understand once again that people are the way they are for a reason. People never just act upon. We all have feelings and sometimes when we speak, all the right words come out entirely wrong. What may be so obvious to us, doesn’t always make sense to others. That’s why we find ourselves lost sometimes when the people closest to us don’t seem to understand what we are saying. That’s when we start feeling frustrated, sad or even upset. And in the worst case scenario, you push them away or they push you away, all out of fear. And fear changes everything. Fear changes people and when it does, people become whole different persons. Sometimes even unrecognizable to themselves and the outside world.

This show has also changed my perspective on fashion, in such a way that from now on I am going to try to attend fashion shows in Paris and Milan as soon as I can. I think, even as an audience, when you see the latest collections on the models wearing them on the runway, I think, that creates a whole other perspective on those clothes (and jewelry and accessories). Becoming an expert about clothes is something I would love.

Personally, I think I think I have a lot in common with Carrie Bradshaw, who is also the voice behind Sex and the city. We are both writers, you could say she’s a more successful writer than I am, because she has her own column in a newspaper. Nevertheless, I have this blog and to me that’s pretty amazing.  The thing about writing is you do it for yourself, but also because you want people to read your stories. Besides the fact that we both love to write, I can relate to myself as a person next to her when it comes to men.

SEX AND THE CITY: Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall.
SEX AND THE CITY: Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall.

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Movie: ‘Hooligans’

‘Hooligans’ tells the story of Matt Buckner, who gets wrongfully expelled from Harvard because of a drug scandal he was set up for. His roommate Jeremy van Holden, who has an addiction on cocaine, was smart enough to put all his drugs on the part of Buckner, so when the board went for a check-up of the rooms, Buckner was expelled and not van Holden.

After being expelled, Matt Buckner goes to London, to live with his sister and her husband. In London is where he gets acquainted with football hooligans thanks to the brother of the husband, Pete Dunham who is part of the GSH of London. Others see them as a gang, but they prefer to be called: Green street hooligans.


The part of Matt Buckner is being played by Elijah Wood. Pete Dunham is being played by Charlie Hunnam, you may also know of his role of Jax in the show: ‘Sons of Anarchy’.

Personal opinion:

I thought it was a very good movie. There is a lot of violence though, so I can imagine most girls won’t like the movie. If you are a guy and a football fan, this is definitely a movie for you! Also the music was perfectly chosen and fitted each scene perfectly.

green street hooligansgreen streetGsh

Movienight: ‘Last night’

So, after a very busy day of work I decided to have a nice, quit evening for myself! I watched a really nice movie, ‘Last night’.

It’s a movie from 2010, directed by Massy Tadjedin, who is also the writer of the story. Stars in the movie are the beautiful Keira Knightley, who plays the part of Joanna, Sam Worthington who plays the part of Michael, Eva Mendes who plays the part of Laura and Guillaume Canet who plays the part of Alex.

The story is about Joanna and Michael who are happily married. Joanna is a freelance writer, who mainly writes about fashion and has succesfully published a book. Michael is in commerical real estate. When Michael leaves the night for work, they are apart. Michael has to go on a business trip with a colleague he fins very attractive. Her name is Laura. He tries to resist temptation with her, aswell as Joanna when she comes across her past love Alex.

Personal opinion:

I liked the movie a lot, I would probably grade it with an 8. Due to the very good acting work of all actors involved. The music was very well chosen and fitted every scene perfectly. The ending was a little bit disappointing though, it leaves the story open. I mean with this that is not clear what is about to happen within the further marriage of Joanna and Michael.

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I just finished watching the movie ‘Safe’. It’s a movie made in 2012 with head stars Jason Statham as Luke Wright, Catherine Chan as Mei and Robert John Burke as Captain Wolf.

What is the movie about?

The girl on which the whole movie is about is called Mei, she is a Chinese young girl. Mei is a genius in numbers. A Chinese gang the Triads abduct Mei. The boss of the Chinese Triads is Han Jiao. Mei has to help him control his every move.

Then you have a fighter called Luke Wright. His life is destroyed when he winst a fight he was suppose to lose of the Russian Maffia and kills his opponent by accident. The Russian Maffia murder his wife, leaving Luke wandering with no objective in life what so ever.

At one point Han Jiao asks Mei to memorize a long number. This is when the Russian Maffia abduct the girl from the Chinese Triads. She manages to get away. Then NYPD corrupt detectives and the Chinese Triads go looking for her. Luke spots the young Chinese girl Mei and protects her with his life. He finds out the number she had memorized is the combination of a safe where the Chinese Triads keep 30 million dollars locked.

Personal opinion:

I liked the movie a lot. The movie has a lot of action in it, which I love to watch. The overall story is good and the characters were very credible, especially Mei who is a very brave young lady. All events throughout the movie are unpredictable. This makes you wanting to know how it will end.


safe movie

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Film; Before I die

Op deze avond had ik behoefte aan een indrukwekkende film. Ik kwam al snel uit bij de film: ‘Before I die’ met in de hoofdrol Dakota Fanning die de rol van Tessa vertolkt.

Tessa is aan het begin van de film zestien jaar oud. Ze heeft al vier jaar leukemie die naarmate de film uitzaait naar haar ruggenmerg, waardoor ze steeds zieker wordt.

Samen met haar beste vriendin Zoey stelt ze een lijst op met allerlei dingen die ze gedaan wil hebben voordat ze komt te overlijden aan haar ziekte. Van drugs gebruiken tot winkeldiefstal, de hele nacht dansen en vliegen door middel van zwaartekracht. Al deze dingen wil ze doen, vanuit het oogpunt bekeken dat ze niet meer lang te leven heeft en er nog alles uit wil halen wat er in zit.

Gaandeweg leert ze een jongen kennen, Adam. Hij is angstig als hij van Tessa’s vriendin hoort dat ze ziek is. Daardoor durft hij het in het begin niet aan om met haar te zijn, omdat hij haar niet wilt kwijtraken. Uiteindelijk gaan ze toch voor elkaar. Hij steunt haar door dik en dun, hij zorgt voor haar tot het einde, zelfs tot het moment komt dat ze dat zelf niet meer kan.

Tessa’s ouders zijn gescheiden, naarmate haar situatie verslechtert, vinden zij een beetje toenadering tot elkaar. Tessa heeft een jonger broertje.

Ik heb al eerder films gezien waar het hoofdthema iemand was die kanker had. Deze film was op zoveel vlakken toch anders. Het acteerwerk van Fanning was zo goed, dat ik alle emoties vanaf een toestand meevoelde. Dit leidde zelfs tot tranen die over mijn wangen rolden op een gegeven moment. En normaal huil ik bijna nooit bij films. Moet je nagaan hoe erg ik onder de indruk was/nog steeds ben.

Ik raad deze film zeker aan, niet omdat het een feel good film is, want dat is het niet, maar omdat het een mooi verhaal is en zeker de moeite om naar te kijken.

before i die




Nieuwste tv-verslaving

Gossip Girl 

Sinds ik dinsdagochtend bij de dokter was geweest en geconstateerd werd dat ik een slijmbeursontsteking in mijn heup heb, heb ik medicijnen opgehaald bij de apotheek voor een kuur van 15 dagen. Hopen dat het na deze periode wegtrekt. Anyway, om een lang verhaal kort te maken: Ik heb de meeste tijd doorgebracht in bed. Omdat ik me op een gegeven moment begon te vervelen, ging ik op Netflix op zoek naar een nieuwe serie. Het moest niet zo maar een serie zijn. Het moest er eentje zijn waar ik me kon relateren met de personen. Het moest op een rare manier iets betekenen voor mij. Niet veel later stuitte ik op Gossip Girl. Nog geen week is voorbij en ik ben nu al bij seizoen 3. Wat maakt de serie leuk naar mijn mening? De personages zijn echt, ze zijn zichzelf en ze staan ergens voor. Neem nou, Serena van der Woodsen. Op het eerste gezicht misschien alleen een mooie vrouw, maar door de afleveringen heen leer je haar echt kennen. Daarom kan ik me ook goed met haar relateren. Ook Jenny Humphrey is een personage die ik echt bewonder. Vooral in het feit dat zij haar dromen najaagt en zelfs haar eigen kledinglijn begint.

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