Favorite free slot machine

Obviously this post will be about my favorite free slot machine, which you can play from anywhere you’d like: Your home, your office, while you are on the road… The only thing you need is a computer and a connection with internet!

Twin Spin

Twin Spin is a slot machine which combines old and new slot machine styles in a fun way. You could say it results in an instant classic!

What’s so much fun about this game in particular, are the classic symbols, such as bubbles, sevens, bars and cherries. Also, the appearance and atmosphere involved in the game it self, are worth an effort to play.

In this game you will not be annoyed with minimalistic noises or long introductions.

What you will get to experience is an amazing gamble experience where you will feel so much adrenalin going through your entire body, even including all of your bones.

The game is very exciting because of it’s game progression.

The supplier of this particular game is Netent. There are 243 winning lines, which you can see as 243 possibilities to win, so it’s pretty safe to say it’s worth the shot!

Where the game Twin Spin seperates it self from other gamble games, is that it has an unique Twin Reel Feature. During every spin, there are randomly two, three, four or even five identical roles that get spinned in a random order. This makes the game very unpredictable.

If I had to describe one unique selling point, it would be the unpredictableness of the game. You never know what the next spin is going to be. You will find yourself challenged all the time!

The highest symbol in this game is the diamond. The diamond is the highest paying symbol.

The game is free, but every single player… has the possibility to win great and fun prices of money. This will only increase the motivation of each player to win a game, or even better, to win all games of Twin Spin being played.

Since a lot of people still love the games they played growing up, it is absolutely great when there comes along a creative person and succeeds in creating an entirely new game, but with similar features from way back. A game that has the power to have features involved from their childhood. A game that is involved with new techniques. This game has both and that’s what makes it so much fun to play.

xo Soph’



Morality of life

For all people out there who are fighting some kind of battle. Where you are now is temporary and  your situation won’t stay that way. I know it’s hard to believe in something better, when you have in fact already given up on hope, or on a better tomorrow. Especially if your situation, whatever it might be, has been going on for a longer period of time and no visible improvement has taken place. It’s okay if you have a bad day or two, but don’t let it get to you that much. Because miracles are around the corner. It may be hard to believe, but it’s true. Just hang in there for a bit longer. Try to stay as positive as possible and never ever give up on change or love. For they are out there and you deserve a life lived in positivity and love. And no matter how bad your situation may look, know there are people like you somewhere on this planet, you just haven’t met them  yet. And if you have met people like you, with a history relatable to yours and you understand each other, I hope you never take them for granted, for they are also human beings with needs. Try to open up your heart when you are ready, when you are ready you will know and everything else will follow. The most amazing kind of magic happens when you least expect it and that’s why living in the moment is beautiful, but you should also try to look further than the day of today or the day of tomorrow.

Never too good to be true

So, I don’t know if anyone has experienced a moment in their lives that something really great happened. Something you have never been familiair with before until that very moment arises and introduces you to something so new, so different, so exciting. But because you are not familiair with this experience/feeling/moment, doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve it. It has everything to do with how you are standing in this world, keeping all hopes up and just making the best out of every situation. It also has to do with how open you are to new things. Not all new things are necessarily better, but it is on this path something good is about to happen, if you just allow yourself to feel good and if you keep reminding yourself that you deserve good things, if you are just open enough for it. However, attitude is everything. If you feel more dislike and anger then love in your heart, something is wrong. No, let me correct that. I think it is a pitty to let more negative feelings live in your heart than positive feelings. You have got to stop blaiming other people for your current state in life. You have got the power to change your luck and your life. Every moment not lived in love, is a moment you will never get back. I know life isn’t always pretty, believe me I know that. But there’s that what you contribute to your own life and that what you contribute to other persons lives. xo Sophia

Findings growing up

As we grow older, we do not necessarily become wiser. We still make mistakes, sometimes we even make the same mistakes over and over. We might even find ourselves over and over again in the same situations. Because the situations we are familiar with is ‘comfortable’. Inverted commas because in fact it may not be comfortable at all, but that what we already know what it’s like is something we are most likely to fall back into. Even if those situations aren’t situations of love, or experiencing them with positive persons.

The thing is, what you are familiar with is what you got used to. I’m not going to say it is normal, because it is not. I’m not going to say either that it is abnormal, because it is not like that either. You can compare this to an addiction, or a nicer way to put it, would be a lifestyle. For example, an athlete who would rather spend all of his time in the gym, than spending times with his friends. I know this is an extreme example. All I’m trying to make you aware of is that what you got used to doing, develops into some kind of habit. The same goes for smoking.

As a result of that, you might wake up some day and you can not imagine what your life would look like, if your life would look any different. Below you’ll find a few examples to make what I’m talking about more clear. Maybe you’ll see that some apply to you, others may not…

– You are used to people walking all over you. You do not want problems with other persons, or you think you don’t matter enough. So if someone talks bad to you or about you, you just say nothing back, you let them be and you don’t fight back. I got news for you, you matter in any version of you. Do you like people to treat you bad? Bet you don’t. Bet you have thought of how good it would feel if you would say something. If you would stand up for yourself. Sure, you should not be spending too much of your time on them, such people are not worth it. But you should never let people treat like you don’t matter.

– Or you find yourself being in a relationship where all the love ran out. You aren’t really in love anymore. The connection that once was there, isn’t there anymore. You stay knowing things are not going to change between the two of you. On the other side, that other person knows everything there is to know about you and in a way that sets your mind at rest. That person knows you and you do like that. The fact that this persons knows absolutely everything about you and decides to stick with you. You still like this person, but you just are not in love anymore. You choose to stay because it is familiar, it is easy, you are used to it and you are probabloy too afraid to find out what it would be like to feel that crazy in love thing all over again, opening yourself up to be vulnerable. And you do not want to hurt the person you are with. But by staying in a relationship, that has no future whatsoever anymore, are you not really hurting yourself?

– Perhaps fear has become such a big part in your life, that fear has taken over your life. You are too afraid to see what’s out there. You are too afraid to be in a situation you don’t know, even if that situation could increase your hapiness. You choose to decide to stick with the familiar. But the familiar is not always good. And if you know that it can be better, why not try?

Point being: your happiness is at stake.

xo Sophia

Documentary; Chasing beauty

As a few of you might know by now, a modeling agency in the Netherlands approached me monday afternoon. By now, I’ve sent them an application form and five pictures. Now it’s a six weeks wait until I get a response with further information.

In preparation of what’s still to come, I felt like watching a documentary that would give me some more insight on the job, and everything that comes with it. I chose for ‘Chasing beauty’.

Chasing beauty is a great documentary where several models, scouts and photographers tell something about the modeling world. It surprised me that this one girl when she went to a casting was told by a photographer that she had to first put on her socks and then their shoes. She also expressed, in the modeling world it is very common to be treated as if you were dumb, no brain what so ever.

I think this is a bit weird. I, myself have the highest form of respect for models all around the world. Especially for the ones that manage to stay their selfes, not losing them selfes in partying, drinking, drugs and eating disorders.

After having seen this documentary I’m feeling even more excited to pursue a career in modeling. It’s a job, a hard one where you will be critized from any corner, where a lot of rejections are involved and loads of practice, but I would like to seaze this opportunity so I will. As I always say, once in a life time things and this is one of them.

chasing beautychasingg beauty

xo, Sophia

Nieuw begin

Deze website is gemaakt door de vriend van mijn moeder. Hiermee begin ik nu voor mijzelf, enorm spannend, maar ontzettend leuk! Schrijven is altijd al iets geweest wat ik ontzettend leuk vind om te doen. Eigenlijk zijn ontzettend leuk niet de juiste woorden, laten we het houden op mijn grootste passie. Schrijven is veel meer dan alleen een paar woorden op papier zetten. Voor mij is het een uitlaatklep, maar veel meer een compleet andere wereld. Want als je schrijft vergeet je alles en iedereen om je heen, leer je alles te bekijken vanuit verschillende invalshoeken en ben je steeds bezig om meer kennis en ervaring op te doen. Even een korte introductie van mijzelf hieronder:


Mijn naam is Sophia Streefkerk. Ik ben 21 jaar oud. Ik zit in het tweede jaar van de opleiding International Business Studies op het Koning Willem 1 College in Den Bosch. Als ik volgend jaar afstudeer, wil ik naar de universiteit in Spanje of Engeland. Spanje trekt mij omdat ik daar familie heb wonen en omdat ik zelf half Spaans ben. Engeland trekt mij omdat ik er nog nooit ben geweest en het me een hele leuke cultuur lijkt. Overigens zal ik eind maart een week vertoeven in Cambridge, omdat ik mee op taalreis ga met school. Wat valt er nog meer over mij te vertellen? Naast mijn studie werk ik in het weekend bij de Délifrance. Hier werk ik sinds vorig jaar mei 2014. Mijn grootste passies zijn wat ik al zei schrijven, mode, reizen, winkelen en uitgaan. Mijn ambitie in het leven is om over een jaar of 6/7 mijn eigen modebedrijf te hebben en misschien zelfs wel een eigen kledinglijn. Hier heb ik ook heel veel ideeën voor. Ik heb een zus van 26 en een broertje van 10. Milaan staat zeker op mijn to do list wat reizen betreft en Barcelona ook.




barcelona stad

Ik heb voor dit jaar besloten om een compleet andere weg te bewandelen, al was er niks weg met de weg hiervoor, daar niet van. Ik heb besloten dat ik een eigen website wou, die ik nu dus heb, waar ik zo veel mogelijk op zal schrijven als ik daar de tijd voor heb. Naast het vele schrijven hoop ik van de zomer een cursus te gaan volgen of in Utrecht of in Amsterdam om zelf kleren te ontwerpen te leren. Dat lijkt me zo gaaf! Ik heb genoeg ideeën uitgetekend op papier en in mijn hoofd, maar hoe vet zou het zijn om je eigen kleren zelf te maken?! Dit was het voor nu, liefs Sophia